Designed for People.
Engineered for Function.
Made with Pride.
Sold and Serviced with Integrity.

With the expanding use of tablets and smart devices in many fields, including education, hospitals and clinics, retail outlets and restaurants, batch charging has become indispensable.

In 2013, we realized the growing demand for high-quality charge and sync systems for mobile devices. There were products on the market, but they lagged behind the innovation and technology the tech industry is known for. Many units were just industrial-style cabinets haphazardly fitted with common power strips. Others were more purpose built, yet lacking key aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional design features as obvious as cable management. The industry was ready for a new vision of what to expect from a charge and sync system.

EnTrans was formed in 2014 to bring that vision into reality. Our parent company has been a long-time OEM partner producing a wide variety of high quality products for Samsung, HUAWEI, and other well known brands. Drawing together an international team of design engineers, technologists, manufacturing, and customer service professionals, EnTrans was formed to produce a new line of Mobile Device Management Systems designed for how people use them, engineered with cutting edge technology, manufactured with pride of workmanship, sold and serviced with integrity.